Learn to play beautiful music quickly and affordably!

At any age or level of experience, with the world's most magical, intuitive, and portable instrument!

Costs less than two private lessons! (Includes: tin whistle, course, community)
Play Video about Raviv Stein Play Haven - By Eyal Mazig This is the irish tin whistle. the easiest instrument to learn!

First, I'll show you that it really works!

These videos of my students playing (the same instrument you'll receive) allows me to promise you that this method works , and invite you to grant yourself this gift!

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The best gift I've given myself! In a short time, playing music entered every part of my body and heart."

How did it start, and why it works so well?

Hi, I’m Raviv!
After 17 years of playing, learning, and teaching music, I asked myself: are private lessons the most effective way to learn to play the irish tin whistle?

Think about it...

A student can’t absorb more than a few minutes of new material at once, but still pay for the full hour ($60-70). For the rest of the lesson, the teacher “supervises” the student as they practice the new skill. After the lesson, the student goes home to a lonely and unsupported practice experience.
So, I came up with an idea: To make this mesmerizing instrument even more accessible to anyone who wants to learn! The tin whistle is so simple to learn,  and my method makes it even easier and more affordable

I will provide everything you need:

Tin Whistle

Made in Ireland, shipped to you.

Full Course

Comperhensive & easy to follow.


A space for inspiration and support.

And all this costs less than 2.5 private music lessons!

Includes added value you'll never get from a private tutor! Backing tracks, music library, inspiration, support and most importantly - partners for your musical journey!

My friends couldn't believe I've been playing for only one month, practicing just 10 minutes a day. Worth every penny."

What's included:

Free irish tin whistle + case + shipping.

● The Waltons mellow D tin whistle, made in Ireland, is responsive and balanced, making it ideal for common learning challenges.

● It is a simple instrument to learn and suitable for all ages, allowing you to play your first melody within a week.

● The whistle is compact, durable, & travel friendly. Take your music with you!

●  It is suitable for a variety of musical genres and situations! Of course, the tin whistle always adds that magical irish touch, but it works wonderfully for jam sessions and familiar pop songs.

It opens the door to a family of wind instruments that share the same principles, such as the flute, saxophone, and clarinet.

*Look for more information on the tin whistle in the FAQ section. 

Flagship model of 
Waltons est. 1922!

Travel friendly.
Take it everywhere!

Simple to learn
at any age!

Fits variety of
musical generes!

Full online course & resoures

The course is crafted to maintain motivation and ensure quick progress — proven thousands of times.

21 easy to follow lessons.

Watch at your own pace and feel free to pause, rewind, and replay as many times as you need.

*Access the video lessons in our private Facebook group!

Practice a few minutes a day!

Based on the "micro-habit" principle, the course is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

24/7 Support & booster lessons

The booster lessons are based on thousands of questions I answered. If you have a unique question - advanced members will usually answer within minutes!

No experience needed!

We start from scratch, starting with how to hold the instrument, through understanding ornaments, emotion, sound, playing with accompaniment, and learning enchanting melodies. From zero to tin whistle hero!

No experience needed!

We start from scratch, starting with how to hold the instrument, through understanding ornaments, emotion, sound, playing with accompaniment, and learning enchanting melodies. From zero to tin whistle hero!

Suitable for all ages.

The lessons are designed for all ages. I have students ranging from 5 to 90 years old. Check them out in the student videos!

Backing tracks, charts & inspirational content.

Learn to play with accompaniment, get inspired with motivational videos and playlists. All added value you won't receive from any private tutor.

Don't need to read notes!

We use tabs - an intuitive method used worldwide for the tin whistle! After learning tabs - you can learn any melody! *More info in the FAQ section.

Play Tin Whistle community- to help you succeed.

Our community is the crown jewel of the project.

Talented tin whisle musicians of all ages,
helping each other, sharing music, and turning the learning process into
a real social experience and partnership!

Unlike learning on your own:
In our group, friendships are born and musical collaborations are formed!

Liftime access to a vibrant 
community of +1200

The experienced students, and I, will always help with love.

Safe & supportive space to share, ask, and help - judgment free

When you'll see others succeed, you'll know you can do it too!

In a short time, you'll feel empowered to help others.

A true social connection - unlike solitary practice and private lessons.

Super bonus #1:
the library

A growing library of music charts and songs for you to learn, uploaded by the students themselves! That way you will never run out of music to learn and play.

Super bonus #2:
Video & sound production crash course

In our Facebook group you will find a complete guide on how to create your own music videos with tips on filming, sound recording, and sound editing, using only your smartphone.

A glimpse into the lessons

Total of 21 video lessons.
Average duration: 12 minutes.
Recommended flow: 1-2 lessons per week.

Play Video about A glimpse into the lessons

Here’s Everything You’re Going To Get When You Enroll In The ‘Play Tin Whistle’ Course Today!

Total Value: $827

Only‎ ‎ $147
one time payment!

Fast and secure payment options

Credit card \ Debit card \ Paypal \ G-Pay

Group Discount

Join the course with loved ones for a unique bonding experience!

Second Play Tin Whistle full package for $57

(Up to 2 additional packages at just $57 each, and enjoy the rest at a special rate of $87 each.)

A perfect gift for kids, family, & friends!

* Select the number of packages on the checkout page!

A true joy in my life! Didn't believe I could learn to play online. The method is amazing, and the community is really helpful!"

Don't believe me, ask my students!

This is probably the most important video on my website...

Play Video

Life-changing gift for a child!

Do you have beloved children in your life? I invite you to give them a true gift for life and connect with them through quality time and a shared language!

The tin whistle and course are suitable for children!Throughout the years, I recieved countless testimonials from happy parents, grandparents, and relatives who are delighted with the gift they gave their loved ones.

Use the group discount at the checkout page to add an extra Play Tin Whistle package, just $43!

Registered with my 7.5-year-old. We're enjoying quality time together, experiencing challenges, successes, and a shared language."

Frequently asked questions:

I'm sure you have questions & doubts - I hope I answered all of them!

About learning & the course:

Absolutely! the tin whistle and course content are suitable for children ages 5 and up. It even encoureges learning, development, excitement for music, and bonding with parents!

I recommend registering together with the child using the group discount (view details). Hundreds of parents and grandparents have already done this!

If your child doesn’t have a Facebook account, you can simply open the lesson from your account.

Watch videos of amazing kids from the project!

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

It’s never too late to start your musical journey!

We’re proud to include students aged 70 to 90 in our group,
who find joy in learning, playing, and embracing new challenges.

Numerous studies emphasize the positive impact of playing music on memory,
coordination, and overall brain function, especially in your golden years.

I will teach you to play music using tabs!
The purpose of musical notes is to help us play unfamiliar musical phrases, just as orchestra musicians do. I can teach you to play without musical notes, using tabs instead.
With tabs, all you need to do is listen to the melody a few times until you can hum it. Then, use the finger chart to learn which notes to play and in what order – and you’re playing!

It looks like this:

It may seem a bit confusing now, but I assure you it’s simple and intuitive. You’ll get the hang of it very quickly!

Learn tabs, and you’ll unlock the ability to play anything you want — you can find many tabs in the group and online for free!

For customer support issues, I am always available here:(Contact)

For musical matters:

1. Booster lessons
preemptively answer common question you might have
(based on thousands of responses).

2. In the Facebook group, there are a lot of tin whistle musicians,
many with true  experience!

Every question receives a quick response from veteran group members…
and if no one knows the answer, I usually see it and respond quickly.

So, the chances of not getting a response to any quetion are slim.

Do you have time for coffee?
Add a little tin whistle session to your coffee time! 

Just a few minutes a day, and you’ll see progress.
Swap some social media scrolling for the magic of music—it’s worth it.
Practice whenever, wherever, at your own pace.
Students love it as a daily escape from their busy lives.

In 99% of cases, thinking you lack a musical ear is just plain wrong.  


Because having a musical ear is about understanding intervals,
feeling the distance between notes—
much like gauging physical distance with your eyes.
This skill improves with practice, not something you’re born with.  

Remember, every pro began as a beginner. Don’t let false assumptions hold you back from playing music!
The first three lessons cover tin whistle basics.

After that, we explore more advanced topics, such as tone, musical feel, ornaments, vibrato, playing with backing tracks and more…

Musical experience speeds up progress. Experienced players often become community leaders. Hope to see you as one of our leaders!

Most students play their first melody within the first week. 😊

Yet, as a musician for 17 years,

I can assure you it’s an exciting, never-ending journey.

Focus on enjoying the process, not just the goal.

No matter how long we play, there’s always more to learn.
We play to play.
Upon course completion, you’ll have the tools to explore and play any tune you want!

These days, I’m also developing an expansion pack with extra
backing tracks, advanced lessons, improvisation workshops, and more…

The course lessons are accessible through our private
Facebook group.

It might seem a bit different,
but you’ll soon see the great advantage of
combining the lessons library with group activity.

The Facebook group serves as your private tin whistle motivator,
showing you updates from the group and reminding you to practice!

Access the lessons on your computer or through
the Facebook app on your smartphone. If you don’t have a Facebook profile, you can create an
anonymous one just for learning — it only takes 5 minutes to set up!

You have to join the Facebook group to access the lessons, but active participation is optional. 

You can even unfollow the group to avoid notifications or updates.
Although, I strongly recommend embracing the benefits of community engagement.

About the Tin Whistle:

The included Tin Whistle, crafted by Waltons in Ireland since 1922,
is the flagship model, Mellow D.

This is the same whistle featured in the student videos.

I chose this whistle because it has a full, open tone, it is tuned and balanced,
with a comfortable finger spread and wide diameter
to ease beginners’ over-blowing struggles.

It is made of brass with a polymeric mouthpiece, earning it its name Tin Whistle.

The whistle plays in D major (equivalent to Bm) and G major (equivalent to Em)—
the most popular scales in Irish music.

With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from hundreds of online reviews,
and after evaluating 6-7 different whistles in its price range, it stands out as my top pick.

Not really my thing, apologies… ♥

My focus is on helping musicians grow, not just selling tin whistles.

Providing tin whistles is just my way of
making the journey easier and more accessible to you.

Great! Let’s put it to use!!
You can get the course at a discount. Click here!

Just double-check it’s a D whistle – you should spot the letter D on a sticker or engraved.

Tin whistle v. Recorder:
In short: the Tin Whistle sounds better and is easier to play!

In detail: The recorder has a narrower-more focused tone, while the Tin Whistle boasts a bright,
open sound, thanks to its larger bore opening (X2.5 than a recorder). In addition, having only 6 holes (as opposed to the recorder’s 10), the Tin Whistle is simpler to play and more user-friendly in the high octave.

Finally, the Tin Whistle is diatonic (while the recorder is chromatic) making the learning process much simpler!

Tin Whistle v. Flute:

In short: The Tin Whistle is much cheaper and
more durable than the flute. It is also easier & faster to learn.

In detail:
The transverse flute is complex, making it difficult to produce a smooth sound. It’s also delicate, expensive, and less travel-friendly due to its weight and structure.

Additionaly, learning the Irish Tin Whistle is an excellent first step to studying the flute, saxophone, or clarinet.

Here’s a video of me playing the Tin Whistle (the same kind you’ll get)
without any accompaniment.

Although the Tin Whistle sounds great on its own, you’ll receive professional backing tracks as part of the course, so you can play with a harmonious background, when you want!
This way, you’ll learn to play alongside other musicians! (Piano and guitar players, etc).

Play Video

Payment and Logistics:

You can pay using any trusted credit / debit card, PayPal, or Google Pay.

We use PCI & SSL secured payments powered by Stripe.

United States:
Free shipping. 

Delivery: 1-4 business days.

An additional $5.99 shipping fee is charged at checkout.

Delivery: 7-14 business days.

Follow these steps to sign up with family and friends with a quantity discount:

Order Process: 
1. Click the sign-up button (located in several places on the website).
2. At the checkout, choose the quantity (number of participants).
3. The price is automatically calculated and added to the order with the discount.
4. Complete the order.

After Order:
1. All the Tin Whistles are shipped to the shipping address.
2. Each Tin Whistle comes with a printed page containing a unique access code and instructions for each participant.
4. Each participant is individually approved for the learning group.

Quantity Discount Price Structure:
* 1 unit: $147
* 2 units: $147 + $57 (102 each)
* 3 units: $57 + $57 + $57 (87 each)
* Each additional unit above 3: $87 each

When you receive your package, open it!

Each Tin Whistle comes with a printed page with a unique access code and instructions.
Follow the provided instructions to access the group & lessons.

No time limit!
Feel free to take your time and enjoy the learning process at your own pace.

Absolutely! Buy it and gift it whenever you want.

Just inform the recipient about the included instruction & code page and instruct them to follow the steps when they are ready to start playing.

Still unsure?

The transformation that music brings to life is simply priceless.

From my experience,
the most valuable currency you possess right now isn’t money but
the motivation and desire to learn.

This currency holds more value than any amount and has
the potential to bring something amazing into your life.

My role and skill involve using this currency most efficiently,
a task I’ve excelled in, proven with thousands of students worldwide (10,000+).

I don’t underestimate the importance of $97, however, in the world of music, it’s a modest sum.

For comparison, $147 is:
* The cost of buying a small replacement part for a saxophone.
* 2 private music lessons.
* A yearly piano tuning.

Did you encounter many opportunities where
such a payment could change lives and provide endless joy?

To make it cheaper you can sign up with your friends and enjoy the quantity discount!

Regrettably, I’ve heard this sentiment from
many who could play beautifully today.
Many hesitant students regretted the delay later,
viewing it as time they wasted when they could have been having fun and growing musicely!

Often, people associate music with their childhood experience,
linking it to school tasks and a sense of burden.

To us, playing music is joyful and easy,
despite its somewhat intimidating reputation as being
reserved “only for talented people.”
If you’re not a musician but genuinely desire to play, perhaps you’ve been repeatedly convincing yourself it’s not the right time?

I tailored (and priced) the project to suit not-the-right times! ♥
To offer a supportive, accessible, simple, and enjoyable
environment for you,
eliminating room for procrastination. 🙂

If you’re still thinking about it, focus on these questions:
* Why do I want to play music?
* Why haven’t I started until now?
* What can playing music bring into my life?
* How will I feel in a month or two, if I’m enjoying playing the Tin Flute?
* Will there ever be a perfect time for it?
* Will I regret not starting today in a year?

(I’ll send you a nice playlist)
If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact me via the contact page. ​

Playing tin whistle transformed me. It distracts me from chronic pain, helps me relax, and fulfills an old dream״.

About me

My name is Raviv Stein,
for the past 17 years I have been playing a variety of wind instruments, mainly the Irish Tin Whistle and the saxophone.

Over the years I studied with some of the best teachers in my country and abroad. I had the privilege of performing publicly on many stages with amazing artists.

I created this project when Covid-19 started and disrupted my usual work routine; it gave me a special opportunity to spread the magic of music – a magic that completely transformed my life.
I sincerely invite you, to give you and me together, an opportunity  to bring this magic of music into your life:

A universal language without limits, that you can carry with you wherever you go and connect with people everywhere.


Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

In a week, I was already playing songs, and after a month and a half, I can play almost anything! Highly recommended! " Noah Shane - student

All rights reserved –  Raviv Stein © 2024
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$127 instead of $147
The coupon will be sent via email + an amazing playlist of Irish music!
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Need a few days to think about it?

Even if you really like the idea, life is full of distractions, and probably within 24 hours, it will already be out of your sight and out of your mind…

In a few days,
I will send you a fantastic
 Irish tin whistle playlist I collected!

It will fill your heart with joy,
and remind you about the Tin Whistle.

You will probably fall in love with it and start learning! 😍

Don’t worry… I won’t send you annoying spam, and you can always unsubscribe.

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